CASAMBI wireless wall switch (battery-free)


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LIEHT CASAMBI wireless switch (battery-free)

for switching and dimming a luminaire via radio with casambi module. This switch can be placed anywhere in the room and does not require a cable. This controls the luminaire in addition to the CASAMBI smartphone app

• Radio switches for controlling Casambi devices, among others
• Up to 2 freely programmable buttons (scenes, color, …)
• Initial programming must be done via Android™ smartphone/tablet with NFC interface!
• The network mode must be set to “Balanced”
• After successful integration with an Android device, the switch can also be managed and programmed by an iOS device
• The energy for the radio signal is generated when the button is pressed by an electrodynamic energy generator; therefore no battery is required, maintenance-free
• Supplied with the frame Jäger Direct Opus 55 Inform
• The middle part can be used in other switch series with a frame interior of 55x55mm, such as
Jäger Direct: Opus 55 Inform, Opus 55 Cube, Opus 55 Fusion
Merten: 1-M, M-Smart, M-Arc, M-Plan, M-Creativ, M-Pure
Gira: Standard 55, E2, E3, Event, Esprit, ClassiX
Jung: AS 500, A 500, A plus, A creation, A creation Glass
Berker: S.1, B.1, B.3, B.7 Glas

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