Exclusive lighting

Minimalistic, premium and clear – the exclusive LED design lighting from LIEHT wins over with a clean and modern design. The models in our shop provide your premises with a reduced but classy look. Handmade and adapted to your individual needs our LED lights are exclusive products.

Minimalistic lamps, exclusive lighting

While the term luxury used to be utilised for a long time in order to describe opulent objects, modern luxury in the lamp and furniture industry is associated with a clear shape and profile. LIEHT’s modern LED lamps are without question a proper eye-catcher. But instead of taking the centre stage the modern products create a harmonic atmosphere in the room and fit to the overall picture. With their multifunctional usage the LED lamps of LIEHT win over with their clear design that reflects the current spirit of the time.

LED design lighting

The high-quality LED designer lights are produced in our in-house manufactory and fit to your individual needs and wishes. Height, width, form and colour will be adapted to your request and the conditions of the location where the light shall be installed. Pendant lights can be adapted to the length of your dining table, the height of your office desk lamp to the model of your computer or a floor lamp to your body height. Thus, you have the opportunity to give your premises a totally individual character and to harmonise everything. Whether complementary to your interior style or as a deliberate stylistic clash in your homey living room- the exclusive LED lights from LIEHT are multifunctional and only strike if this is intended.

Dimmable pendant lights

A special highlight of the LIEHT design series is the dimmable pendant light. Especially in the private living area but also in art galleries or public rooms, the products add a special atmosphere to the particular premises thanks to the dimming function. The luminosity can be changed depending on the mood, the time of the day or the occasion and thus the room atmosphere can be influenced.

Delicate lamps

On your desk in the office or on the bedside table at home – the delicate lamps from LIEHT are multifunctional and serve as light source as well as a focus. Bases out of wood add a lean touch to the models and are evocative of the Scandinavian interior design. Because of their individual adaptability and their extraordinary design you are you not only getting minimalistic lamps but also real unique specimens from LIEHT.

Design products within seven days directly to you

The exclusive LED lights are not only exceptionally handmade and adapted to your specific needs and wishes but are also easily ordered online. As well as at the production process of our LIEHT designer lamps we also pay attention to great perfection when we are in direct contact with our customers. So you do not to have to wait for your individual and exclusive lights they are shipped to you within seven days. This is not common for manufactured designer lamps and stands symbolically for our distinct service idea.

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If you are interested in our products or have further questions please get in touch with us. We are available for you by phone +49 6321 1890404 or via E-Mail info@lieht.com.

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