Casambi Smartphone Dimmer (Bluetooth)


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Lighting Dimmer with smartphone (Bluetooth) via phase control (Trailing-edge phase control / TRIAC)

Casambi Smartphone Dimmer DEBT230-150

• Dimmer for comfortable control of light sources via tablet or smartphone (Apple, Android) via Bluetooth
• For operation of incandescent lamps, dimmable LED lamps and control gear for LEDs and halogen lamps (not for magnetic transformers)
• Free app from CASAMBI (Apple / Android):
– rules of brightness and light scenes
– Configure lights and lighting networks
– Creating scenes and animations (color gradients)
– New devices are detected automatically
– Intelligent timer and gallery functions
– Set sharing options (only me, all, password only, ..)
• Gateway is not needed but setup is possible
• Integrated antenna (drawing gray area, do not cover with metal housing)
• In the installation housing or with terminal cover for installation in the wall socket behind the 230V switch
• Also controllable via power switch or wall switch RWBT Xpress and RW … EBT
• Apple Watch compatible
• Max. 2 lamps of the same type, max. 2 LED power supplies

connection scheme Casambi Smartphone Dimmer DEBT230-150