Eltako dimming switch


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Eltako universal dimming switch


For the dimming of your LEICHTSINN pendant light or your LEICHTSINN wall light we recommend the Eltako universal dimmer switch. Together with a 230V switch your LEICHTSINN can be dimmed easily according to your needs. By its automatically detecting the lamp dimmer module fits itself dependently on the lamp. By this the dimming speed and the minimum brightness can be adjusted according to your wishes. The default for children’s rooms and the snooze function allow a direct and needs-based control from the start.

A data sheet with stated specifications by the manufacturer for installation and usage can be found here.


  • Eltako universal dimming switch EUD61NPN-UC
  • automatical lamp detecting
  • minimum brightness & dimming speed adjustable
  • Power MOFSET to 400 W
  • stand-by deficit: only 0.1 watt
  • for built-in mounting
  • dimensions module (l*w*h) in mm: 45*55*18