LED design lights

No furniture item gives a room as much character as a lamp. As a source of light it determines the atmosphere and mood of the room. And the design of the lamp also has a great influence on the overall appearance of the respective interior. Thus a lamp can either enhance a room as an eye-catcher or integrate itself as a functional furnishing element. Here, LED design lamps from LIEHT offer countless possibilities for energy-saving implementation of your personal lighting design requirements.

While lavish decorations and many details were long regarded as the epitome of luxury, the trend today tends to be towards clear and modern design language that symbolises aspiration and high quality. Instead of distracting with too many details, the LED design lights from LIEHT make a clear statement and stand for modern, minimalist elegance.

LED design lights for your home

The modern LED design lights from LIEHT have a clear style. The focus is on the essential. The clear shapes are symbolic of functionality and understatement. Therefore, they can set accents in any room or act as strikingly inconspicuous design elements. On the one hand, they give the remaining furniture enough room to breathe and to show themselves to their best advantage. The LED design lights from LIEHT give old furniture more freshness and make the overall appearance more modern and less dusty.

Particularly large lamps, such as the dimmer lamps, are particularly suitable for living and reception areas – both private and business premises. The elongated, slim models can be placed elegantly above your dining table. The light can be switched brighter or darker during the course of the day and depending on your mood. This makes it easy to change the overall ambience of the room. However, the dimming lamps are also interesting in business premises if receptions or events are held in the same premises. On request, we can also create your own personal LED design lights.

LIEHT: Perfection, quality meets modern design

All LED design lights are manufactured in our own factory. So when you buy a LIEHT lamp, you are not buying an off-the-shelf product, but a quality product “Made in Germany”. We explicitly respond to individual customer wishes and can therefore also offer you custom-made products. An important part of our service is in the course of this the consultation, in order to make individual lamps also statically realizable and to support you in the selection of the components.

Individually manufactured LED design lights within seven days

Once you have decided on a model and the right size, for example in our online shop, your LED design lamp will be manufactured in our own factory and usually delivered directly to your home within seven days. You can easily order online, as payment options we also offer PayPal and Bitcoins. If you have questions about our products or want to make an inquiry, we are available to you under the following contact data: Phone: +49 6321 1890404, e-mail: info@lieht.com.
We are looking forward to your inquiry!